About Us

"We Walk by Faith and Not By Sight" II Corinthians 5:7

Our Aim:

God’s Work Matthew 28:18-20; God’s Way John 7:17-20; God’s Glory I Corinthians 10:31

Our Vision:

To build the church through the preaching of God’s Word.  To advance Christ’s Kingdom by sharing our faith and ministering to the holistic needs of people.

Our Mission:

Beth-Eden Baptist Church is a church filled with love. We are Bible fed and Holy Spirit led. We exist to: Exalt the Savior, Equip and Edify the Saints, Evangelize Sinners, Express love in Society.

Our Commitment:

Beth-Eden Baptist Church is committed to: Striving to be a dynamic Spiritual organism empowered by the Holy Spirit to share Christ with as many people as possible in our church, community, and throughout the world. Our objective is to be a worshiping fellowship, experiencing an awareness of God, recognizing His person and responding in obedience to His leadership. We engage therefore, by the aid of the Holy Spirit, to walk together in Christian love, to strive for the advancement of this church, in knowledge and holiness. We further engage to watch over, pray for, to exhort, and stir up each other unto every good word and work, to seek to live in the glory of God, who hath called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.

Our History:

Beth-Eden Baptist Church was organized on September 11, 1965 by Rev L. Dalton Hall, Jr. The church was originally located on Cedar Crest Blvd. In 1968 the church was moved to 4902 Frio Drive under the leadership of Rev. C. Dews. In 1973 Rev. James Gaston was called to the pastorate, and under his leadership the debt of the building was retired. Pastor Gaston envisioned a larger building for the congregation, so in 1985 the Ground breaking Ceremony was held at 1125 E. Red Bird Lane. On March 6, 1988, the Beth-Eden Church Family entered into its new location. The Cornerstone was laid in September 1989. On January 2, 2002, the Beth-Eden Church made the final payment for its current location. Pastor Gaston served as pastor until his demise in July 2006. On January 7, 2007, Rev. Clarence O. Preston began his pastoral ministry at the Beth-Eden Baptist Church. It is our prayer that God will guide us as we seek to advance his kingdom.

"Straight Outta Excuses"

Pastor C. O. Preston

Pastor C. O. Preston

Senior Pastor, Dr. C. O. Preston of Beth-Eden Baptist Church, Dallas, TX, preaches on being “Straight Outta Excuses”
1. We Have a Great Savior
2. Jesus Has Done Great Things

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