Associate Ministers
Ministry Chair: Minister Anthony Tolivar,

Minister Melvin Morgan, Minister Ruby Maxwell, Minister Lacrondia Rhines, Minister Xavier Preston

Minister of Music
Bro. Danny White

Music Ministry: Bro. Paul White
Bro. Chris Mitchell, Bro. Albert Pearson

Youth Choir

Voices of Beth-Eden: Bro. Danny White, Leader

Male Chorus

Women’s Chorus, Combined Choir

Deacons Ministry
Ministry Chair: Deacon Wiley Ingram

Chair, Deacon James Williams, Deacon Reggie Mitchell, Deacon Don Crook, Deacon Ron Crook, Deacon Don Mosley, Deacon Greg Cuington, and Deacon Danny White


The Deacon’s ministry is a ministry that helps the pastor and serves the congregation in prayer, service, serving church ordinances, and other areas of ministry as needed.

Deaconess Ministry
Ministry Leader: Sis. Robbie Ingram

The deaconess ministry works with the deacons and pastor to serve the congregation and minister to others.

Bereavement and Caring Ministry
Ministry Leader: Sis. Ann Moore

The bereavement and caring ministry reaches out to members who may be, shut-in, bereaved, or have been missed in worship. The ministry prays for the congregation and ministers to the congregation whenever there is a need.

Youth Ministry
Ministry Leaders: Sis. Sheri Thompson, Sis. Crystal White, and Bro. Danny White

The youth ministry supports, guides, and builds the youth of the church through teaching, activities, and prayer.

Prayer Ministry
Ministry Leader: Minister Ruby Maxwell

The prayer ministry keeps the pastor, church, and ministry leaders covered in prayer. The ministry prays for the needs of people on the prayer line and from the prayer request box.

Sunday School Ministry
Ministry Leader: Minister Melvin Morgan

This ministry gives instruction for Sunday school for all ages and assists in providing educational instruction and enrichment for spiritual growth. The Sunday school ministry assists with other teaching aspects of the church, including Wednesday Bible Study and Vacation Bible School.

Evangelism and Outreach Ministry
Ministry Leader: Pastor Preston, Minister Melvin Morgan, Bro. Don Mosley, Minister L. Rhines

The evangelism and outreach ministry prays for the unsaved and unchurched. The ministry evangelizes and shares the love of Christ with those who are without Christ.

New Member Orientation Ministry
Ministry Leaders: Sis. Robbie Ingram

The new member orientation ministry teaches and guides new members of the church by praying with them and helping them to become acclimated to the Beth-Eden family and the family of God.

Sisters in Christ Ministry Women’s Ministry
Ministry Leader: Sis. Helen Gillard and Sis. Belinda Turner

The Sisters in Christ ministry is the women and mission ministry of the church. The women of the church come together to pray, worship, Bible study, fellowship, and serve.

MACK-Men Advancing Christ Kingdom Ministry
Ministry Leader: Bro. Don Mosley

The MACK ministry is a ministry in which the men of the church come together to learn, fellowship, grow, pray, minister, serve, and strengthen one another for the glory of God 

Usher and Greeter’s Ministry
Ministry Leader: Sis. Linda Eddins

The usher and greeters ministry serve the congregation by helping to welcome those who enter the building and making the worship experience pleasant.

Transportation Ministry
Deacon Greg Cuington
Jail Ministry
Sis. Connie Jones and Sis. Yolanda Webb

The jail ministry ministers to those who are incarcerated. The ministry prays, worships, and gives a message to those in jail.
Prison Ministry: Coalition of Churches in Prison Ministry

Pastor C.O. Preston
Minister Melvin Morgan
Minister Xavier Preston
Sis. Mary Perkins

Praise Dance Ministry
Director: Sis. Angela McCoy
Health and Wellness Ministry
Sis. Sarafia Mitchell and Dr. Wendolyn Ingram
Culinary Ministry
Sis. Sharonda Holman
Media Ministry
Ministry Leader: Bro. Don Mosely

Sis. Wendolyn Ingram
Bro. Greg Cuington.
Bro. Lindsey Johnson

Ministry Support
Ministry Leader: Sis. Mary Perkins, Minister L. Rhines

The Ministry Support assists and serves the ministries of the church through prayer, encouragement, and necessary support.